Five Signs It’s Time To Upgrade the Electric Panel in Your Home
18 Oct 2021

Five Signs It’s Time To Upgrade the Electric Panel in Your Home

Post by Lipu Venezia

Are you thinking it is time to replace your electrical panel in your home? Find out the signs, and what to do next!

The electrical panel in your home is composed of several circuit breakers, fuses and relays that enable you to manage all electrical components throughout your home . Each circuit is protected by an electrical breaker.

The circuits that run through your house are what the electric panel uses to distribute electricity. Each circuit is dedicated to a specific room, area, or appliance. For example, your kitchen outlets might all be located on one circuit while the outlets in your living area may be located on another. You or your electrician should label all circuits on the panel.

Ready to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

In the United States, residential fires are often started by faulty wiring. No matter how old the house, the risk of an electrical fire is greatly increased by bad wiring. An older wiring system may not be up to code and insulation can deteriorate. A professional Denver electrician should inspect your wiring throughout the home, including your electrical panel. Here are some warning signs that your wiring is not working properly: The standard electrical panel provides 100, 150 and 200 amps respectively. Any less is illegal. Your circuit breakers can trip if your amps are not sufficient to power your hot tub or air conditioner. It’s best to upgrade to higher amperage. It also applies to large-scale remodeling projects, such as a new room addition or adding a second story to your home.

The Best Way to Know When it’s Time for a Panel Upgrade.

It’s worth upgrading your panel if you are finding yourself plugging in almost everything to one outlet using multiple power strips or extension cords. Each circuit can be run straight through to the panel, or you could install an electrical outlet that allows each circuit to pass directly from the panel. This will minimize the risk of a fire.

We don’t know what appliances and devices we will be using in ten to twenty years. Structured wiring is a great option for homeowners who are remodeling their homes or looking to upgrade. It consists of high-quality cables which allow you to use the most recent features on all electrical devices. Your home will be more valuable if you have structured wiring.

To upgrade an electrical panel on your home, you should contact a professional certified Denver electrician.

The average home electrical panel lasts between 25 and 40 years, but the increased use of power today could mean that your panel may be working at its limit. It may be worth replacing your electric panel if you have an old home that has a fuse box, or circuit breakers that are not up to date.

Electric Panel Repair or Replacement

Your electric panel, which is your home’s main power source and defense against overload, must be maintained in proper working order. Electrical fires account for 10% of all home fires. With the right upgrade and wiring, you can prevent dangerous fires. There are even some electric panels that have been found to be extremely dangerous and replacement should be considered immediately.

It’s easier to upgrade your electrical service at home. However, the task requires technical expertise from a professional electrician. It can prove fatal to try and alter your electric panel. The large black wires at the top of your electrical box are the lines from the meter outside and are always live. Do not touch them or the lug nuts connecting them.

It might be time to upgrade if you are experiencing problems with your electrical system, such as the ones discussed in this article.

Three Benefits to Replacing your Old Electric Panel

You will feel at ease. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected against electrical hazards such as overloaded circuits. An upgrade to a panel can also reduce the chance of an electrical fire.

Value added. You can increase the resale price of your house, add appliances and protect expensive electronics.

Lower costs. The upgrade may cost more upfront, but it can save you time and money in the long-term. Lower home insurance rates often result from a safer electrical system. Your house will use less electricity, which means that your monthly electric bill should be lower.


Call a professional electrician if you feel it is time to update the electrical panel in your Denver area home. Consider the electric load of your home and allow yourself to grow, especially if you plan on adding appliances to or modifying existing ones.