Five Great Ways To Heat Your Outdoor Patio
19 Oct 2021

Five Great Ways To Heat Your Outdoor Patio

Post by Lipu Venezia

You can extend your outdoor time by adding a fire feature or hot tub to your deck, patio, or backyard. These ideas will not only provide a welcome temperature boost but also create a focal point and upgrade your decor. They’ll be a great place to entertain, relax and gather outdoors.

You should be aware that outdoor heat lamps and fire pits can have a wide range of prices. While custom-designed pits and hearths can be costly, you can find an inexpensive fire pit or chiminea that can do the job for $200 or less.

The cost of outdoor heating can be affected by the fuel you choose. This should not only depend on your preference but also local laws and codes. You should check with your local government for information about any ordinances, including wood-burning regulations and performance standards. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), also has links to many regional ordinances. Generally, though, the most environmentally-friendly choices are butane or gas, which both need to be hooked up by a professional.

Fire Pit

Fire pits are a popular choice for outdoor heating due to their portability, low cost and ease of use. Fire pits can be used with natural gas, wood, or propane. They are also low enough to be placed on the ground making them a great feature for seating. They come in many sizes and shapes and can be matched to almost any design style.

Custom Fireplace

A fireplace is an attractive focal point for your backyard or patio. It also gives you a sense that it is permanent. You can transform an abandoned backyard into a living space by adding seating and a coffeetable around the fireplace. You have options. You can either hire a professional to build your fireplace, do it yourself, or purchase a prefab unit. It is worth spending the time researching and doing your research.

Outdoor fireplaces are made from brick, stone, concrete, or metal. You can also choose to use gas or wood as fuel. Consider the location of your fireplace. Think about nearby structures and low-hanging trees. Also consider whether smoke will blow into your yard or into your home.

Portable Fireplace

Prefab or portable fireplaces are a smart choice if you have a small outdoor area or want to move your fireplace. Many portable fireplaces are also known as chimineas. They have attractive flues that mimic the look and feel of a traditional built-in fireplace.

Hot Tubs and Spas

Imagine this: A starry, frosty December night, and a bubbling tub is waiting outside, at a comfortable 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Even though it is snowing outside, a hot tub or spa will warm you up quickly and soothe any sore muscles from winter skiing or snow shoveling. A towel, slippers and a plush robe are all essential.

Patio Heaters

Portable patio heaters can be tall and compact, they don’t take up much space, and they are often fueled with propane. You’ve likely seen one of these heaters on a patio at a restaurant where you were eating outside. A single unit can heat up 25 square feet on average. This makes them the perfect choice for patios or decks where you want to eat outside all year. The best part is that they aren’t bulky so you can store them away in the summer or when not being used.

Another great option is a surface mounted patio heater. These units provide constant warmth and are permanently installed or mounted. They do not take up floor space, however, if you want to have one of these units you will need to contact an experienced Denver heating company to do the job for you.

You have many options when it comes to custom-installed outdoor heating

Mounted or hanging patio heaters

  • These heaters can be permanently mounted and installed. These heaters can be operated by either electricity or gas. These are the best hidden and undercover heating options.
  • They don’t take up valuable floor space, so there is plenty of room for guests, grills, or furniture. They can be fitted with patio covers such as a pergola patio cover or a roof.
  • Heating in an area will be more intense and even

Large Freestanding Patio Heater

  • These heaters are often found in restaurants. Towers with a heating element on the top. These units are powered by gas from a compartment at the base.

Small Electric Patio Heater

  • These emit little or no emissions, and can be hardwired or plugged in.
  • They can be carried

What patio heater should I buy?

The area that you want to heat is the best way to decide which heater to buy for your home or company. Patio heaters are rated in BTU.

BTU, or British Thermal Unit, is the amount required to heat one pound of water at one degree Fahrenheit (at ocean level). BTU is useful in the buying process as it will tell you how big heater you need to heat the area you want.

You should choose the right amount of BTU for your space. This will ensure that you don’t waste energy or use more power than you actually need. This can lead to higher costs to your bottom line. Pick a BTU that is right for you and your space.