Birdwatching – A Hobby With a Cause
20 Oct 2021

Birdwatching – A Hobby With a Cause

Post by Lipu Venezia

Birdwatchers have long disputed bird watching as a hobby, claiming that they are in no way comparable. Birdwatchers may do this as a hobby, but birders devote their lives to it.


Birders, whether they’re in the UK and the USA, say their hobby is more than a relaxing pastime. They enjoy studying the patterns of different birds and not just their species. To strengthen their arguments, they don’t rely on observation alone.

Birdwatchers don’t go where they are most comfortable, but instead, birders look for unknown and under-explored places to gain more knowledge. To expand their knowledge about birds, they will even set aside a travel budget, no matter how far.


They observe birds with only their eyes. These people may use binoculars, but they don’t focus on technology. Even if they don’t have the most recent in fashion, it doesn’t matter to them. They can live without their gadgets. It doesn’t matter if they don’t feel fulfilled by what they do, but they can relax and see birds, enjoy nature, and have a great time.

Birdwatchers don’t give a damn about where they put their equipment. It could be done in their backyards, or at the nature reserve closest to them. They can even do it while on vacation. They have a deep love for birds, but they don’t want to go the scientific route. This could lead to them missing out on the enjoyment they are looking forward to.

The Right Time

The spring and fall migrations are the best times to watch birds in regions with temperate climate. This is when the largest number of birds can be seen, as they migrate northbound and southbound to search for nesting spots.

Hobbyists as well professionals should do this act early in the morning when the birds are searching for food. You can observe them more clearly while they’re busy with their tasks, and observation is easier.

Sea Watching

People who live near the coast and want to observe birds over the ocean, such as the headland, can do this type of birdwatching. These birds are known as the pelagic species. You can observe the pelagic species from a vessel that is on water.

Proper Etiquette

You can be a birdwatcher or birder but you must always consider the welfare of birds. Also, make positive comments about what you do. It’s possible to lead efforts for environmental cleanliness so the birds don’t suffer. You should also be careful with the new technology you are using to ensure that the birds don’t suffer.

Although bird watching is a pastime, it should be done with enthusiasm and concern for the welfare of birds.